PickATime is simply by far the easiest, most affordable, and always reliable system for scheduling events. We use the system for parent teacher conferences. Our school sends a set-up file to pickAtime; they send us a link, which in turn we publish in our Parents portal. Once published, parents quickly log in and we have 85% of the schedule completed in 10 minutes. No hassles, no problems.

Recommend pickAtime for your school

- Andrew Speyer
Director of IT at Choate Rosemary Hall

Shore Country Day School will celebrate 10 years of pickAtime next year! We first implemented pickAtime for Shore's Parent Conferences in the Winter of 2007. At that time, online signups were a big change for our school. No longer did we post sign-up sheets requiring parents to come into school and compete elbow to elbow for their desired slots! Now, when we open each conference event, parents access the authenticated pickAtime link through our website and we typically see almost half our conference slots fill up within the first hour...all behind the scenes! Parents love being able to schedule appointments from work or when on the go using their smartphone or tablet. Managing optional conference childcare sign-ups and changes to appointments provide even more conveniences for parents as well as streamlining the administrative processes for our staff. Our faculty also rely on easy access to their schedules as they plan for conferences. We have always found pickAtime Support to be exceptionally responsive for any set-up questions or issues. Once a year, when we host a whole school event that requires volunteer sign-up, there is never a charge for this service which we truly appreciate.

- Susan Morgan
Director of Technology at Shore Country Day School

We LOVE pick-a-time!

Being a small school requires our teachers to wear many hats, and do varied tasks which is why we were thrilled to discover how convenient and easy to use Pick-a-Time really is. The service has simplified our onerous scheduling challenges and put our families in the driver's seat, allowing them the freedom to choose times that work best for them. Lastly, it is wonderfully cost effective - saving us time and frustration.

- Carolyne Cybulski
Principal / Teacher / Literacy Clinician

Year after year we use pickAtime for a variety of events that require pre-registration for our families. PickAtime is user friendly, intuitive, simplistic and able to be customized to a school's needs. We have never examined other options because pickAtime has served our needs thoroughly. The relationship we have built with the company is invaluable and has provided us an avenue of clear communication. We are grateful for the work you do for us!

- Kathryn Baal
Education at Loyola Academy

PickAtime has saved our school a great deal of time and streamlined a system that at times can be overwhelming. The complicated old system of calling to schedule an appointment created conflict and made things very complicated. With pickAtime we have been able to eliminate the conflicts and resolve a variety of issues that existed. The support has been great

- Antonio Shelton, Ed.D.
Principal at Indian Hill High School

PickATime is a great tool for organizing our parent teacher interviews, especially with the capacity to include all of the student's teachers on one screen for more effective timing.

- Jennifer Wyatt
Junior School Principal at The York School

PickAtime has saved us an incredible amount of time and labor. Prior to using pickAtime, we scheduled conferences manually. It took many hours, and parents were unable to choose their preferred times - they simply had to take what they were given. PickAtime is relatively easy to set up, and once it is, the school's work is essentially over. It has been an incredibly helpful tool. Additionally, parent feedback has been fantastic, as pickAtime is user-friendly and allows parents to schedule conferences at times that work for them.

- Carson Smith
Middle School Director at Thayer Academy

We adopted the pickAtime platform for parent-teacher conferences two years ago, and it was one of the best decisions we made. Parents and teachers universally express their happiness with the system. Parents find the tool easy to use, and they love knowing exactly what their schedule will be. Teachers appreciate knowing exactly who and is coming to see them at each allotted session. pickAtime has made the entire parent-teacher conference planning process a breeze.

- Highley Thompson
Upper School Director at Thayer Academy

pickAtime was our district's second attempt at online scheduling. I don't think it could have gone smoother. Now when ever someone mentions Parent teacher conferences I tell them about pickAtime. We are gearing up to do summer school registration with pickAtime and I confident it will be a success.

- Matthew Dusterhoft
Director of Technology at Lockport High School

Cushing Academy for the past several years has been using the product pickAtime (pickatime.com) as a tool for online sign up of the traditional parent teacher conferences. We have a single sign on integration with our student information system, "OnCampus", by Blackbaud. This integration allows easy access for our parents to set up appointments. Our parents have been pleased with the pickatime software and its ease of use. The system allows parents to select slots for meetings, have a confirmation email sent and also allows for printing of the schedules as well. As the IT manager the system has been great to use for meeting setup. The admin user interface has been recently updated and provides really great ease of data import from your SIS. You can bring over teacher sections, student and parent data, advisory sections, meeting rooms in a clean and simple fashion. The software allows you to bulk set up meeting slots for teachers and advisors but also has the flexibility to allow customizations for different teachers as well. If one teacher can't be at the meetings or needs to leave early one day, the schedules can be altered very easily. Even if a parent has already signed up for a slot, pickatime will send an email if you want to communicate the need for a reschedule of the meeting. The software also allows you to control the flow of meetings for parents by allowing or disallowing back to back appointments. If this function is turned on you automatically build in some passing time between meetings. You can also limit the number of appointments a parent can scheduled for one teacher by the number of students enrolled. This allows the school to be sure to provide equal access to the teachers for all parents. One of the best features for me as the administrator is the help section, which is well written and allows for step by step follow through. We don't set up these meetings every day so it is wonderful to have a great help section as a reference. I would highly recommend taking a look at pickatime.com as a viable solution for schools needing online scheduling software for parent teacher meetings or other types of meetings as the flexibility and functionality in the software design is great.

- Bruce Lemieux
Director of Technology Cushing Academy

Prior to my arrival at WHS, they arranged the appointment times manually over the phone and they had 36% parent participation. We made the switch to pickAtime and our parent participation increased to over 65%. We were hoping with an easier system for making appointments, we'd have more, but we were stunned by the increase.

- Tim Kutz
Former Assistant Principal, Woodstock High School, Woodstock Illinois, (he's is now the Principal at Guilford High School)

I just used your tool to schedule my daughters conferences at Howard High School. It's wonderful! It was amazing at how easy it was at the school as well, much more organized. The parent volunteers had the print outs ready at the front door in case parents forgot them. Hopefully other schools will adopt the system as well.

- Melissa
a parent at Howard High School, MD

The mechanism was very well received. In our wish not to cause any anxiety for parents to schedule online, we offered anyone the opportunity to simply give us what they wanted and we would have an army of volunteer moms available to do the actual scheduling (we called it valet service). Of the hundreds of parents who successfully made their own appointments, only 4 people opted for valet service, and two of those were only because they got lost in the process. There will be no valet service offered next year.

- Jim Jackimiec
Information Officer, Loyola Academy, Wilmette, Illinois

I can't express to you enough how thankful I am that you have designed the pickAtime program for scheduling our school conferences. For many years I have worked many hours of overtime (with much stress) scheduling our conferences manually. pickAtime made my job so much easier because it allowed parents to take ownership of processing their own schedules. After the initial setup, it was a breeze for me to schedule (for those who did not have access to the Internet), review and change conferences for both the parents and myself. One major difference in using pickAime, and having the parents make their own schedule, is that I did not receive any calls from parents who were upset because they didn't get the appointment time that they wanted. The fact that I didn't have to purchase a software program or licensing to use pickAtime was a real money saver for our school and allowed me to access the database from home when I was unable to come in the office. Your 24 hour support was a perfect service for someone like me who does not always work the usual 9-5 hours. The faculty and patrons found it to be very easy to use also.

- Sylvia Vasquez
Army and Navy Academy, Carlsbad, California

pickAtime has provided a wonderful resource to our school. We have recently completed a major renovation and construction project, and in the midst of that reorganization, we asked staff to learn and use new software. It went incredibly well from training and design to implementation, and allows our staff to focus on the students and the services provided, not on the logistics of scheduling. Thanks!

- John Dawson
IS Manager, Champlain Valley Union High School, Hinesburg, VT

What a great program! pickAtime made our parent/teacher conferences a breeze to schedule. Our parents loved the convenience of being able to create their own schedules online. Our teachers liked having the ability to preview their appointments and the school secretaries were elated not to be a part of the process! We will definitely use pick-a-time for our next conferences.

- Sr. Barbara McLean

I conducted a survey after the conferences were over and out of the 260 families we have, 179 responded to the survey and of that number 162 were pleased with the pickAtime program.

- Kimberley Griswold
Director of Development St. Joseph Regional Junior High School, Manchester, NH

Thanks so much for helping us with our conferences!!! It all went so great. Our Principal was very impressed as were the parents. It was wonderful working with you & hope to again. We also will share our experience with other area schools. Keep up the good work. Please email an invoice for our Conference. This will be one bill we will enjoy paying... You can quote me if you wish. It sure was nice to get complements instead of complaints from admin, teacher & parents.

- Valerie Nelson
St. John of the Cross School, Western Springs, Il

The parents really like the convenience of making the appointment on their own time rather than having to get in on the phone lines. As a school that prides itself on its technology use, it is also fitting that we offer this service online.

- Dianne Dowman
The York School, Toronto, Canada

From day one, PickATime has been a great resource to us here at TimeOut. If fifty people wanted to sign up for an event before, they had to reach me by phone or send an email, but now they have the ability to go through PickATime 24 hours a day, giving them an instant appointment with an automatic reminder. PickATime allows me to focus on the success of the events, not the logistics of them.

- Todd Oliver
Program Coordinator, TimeOut Services at Cisco Systems

We used to have an assistant dedicated to making appointments for Parent-Teacher conferences and many parents found that they had long waits in line to get through. pickAtime eliminated these steps and gave our parents an easy way to make their own appointments 24 hours a day. Parents have made a point of telling me how much they prefer using the pickAtime system than the old way.

- Kit Doan
York House School, Vancouver, BC

We are less than a week away from hosting our parent-teacher conferences and we have about 90% enrollment...lots of positive feedback from parents.

- Jaime Dominquez
Former Middle School Assistant Principal, The American School in London, London UK, (he's now the Head of School at Stuart Hall for Boys, San Francisco CA)

pickAtime has become a major selling point for our organization. Our customers love the functionality and ease of use.

- David Greiff
V.P. of Sales - Flu Busters

pickAtime's customer support is excellent

- Le Ann Nyberg
Flu Busters

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