Pricing - Appointment Scheduling

Cost - single or multiple day events
An event costs $0.30 per appointment. An event can include many days but each is a single location.
Cost - periodic
A periodic style appointment book, where you have a template of slots that repeat each week, costs $25 per month, which includes two scheduling resources. Each additional resource costs $5 per month extra.
Pricing includes all Features listed
  • Calendar sync and reminders
  • Automatic confirmation and reminder emails
  • Google two-way sync
  • Multiple report options
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Multiple Administrative access levels
  • Unlimited Events
  • Customizable Forms
  • Personalization
  • Import/Export of events, appointments, and staff
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Appointment and customer account field creation
  • Create time slots 12+ months into the future
  • Restrict and control the view of future time slots and booking options for better workflow
  • Multiple Appointment Booking Limitations
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Custom URLs
  • Single Sign-On options
  • Customizable Appointment Fields
  • Multiple appointments per time slot
  • Event Scheduling
  • Forms Collection