Support, Security and Data


We have support staff ready 24 hours a day via the support email. Response times are typically within minutes. If you have something urgent or just want to speak with a representative you can call our 888 number, but it is monitored only from 9-6 M-F PST.


The servers are in a locked and secure data center, and all access to the servers and data is restricted to only the few that maintain the system. We use SSL to encrypt the data for transmission. This is the same security mechanism that most web systems employ for highly sensitive information. pickAtime does not save credit card information. All other information collected by this system is made available only to the vendor that the customer is making an appointment with.


You, the Vendor, own the information that is collected from your customers. The system merely collects and holds it for you. pickAtime will not sell or use the data in any way. In short, you and your customers will not get calls, mail, or spam as a result of using the pickAtime system. The data is backed up daily, and we provide several reports that allow you to dump your data. If don't see a report you need, or would like a real time feed, please contact us.