A Parent Teacher Appointment Event costs between $8 to $12 per teacher for the upper grades, and $2 to $3 per teacher for the lower grades Read More...

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  • Parents will be happier
  • Less work for school staff

How It Works

Additional Uses

  • Counselor Meetings
  • School Tours
  • Admissions Interviews

Full Feature List


Scheduling Parent Teacher Conferences has never been easier
with pickAtime's Online Appointment Scheduler

Here's how it works

  • Create an online account with pickAtime
  • Use pickAtime's Online Manager to import data and set up schedule
  • Direct parents to the online scheduling page
  • Login at their convenience and view teacher schedules and sign-up in minutes
  • Can monitor registration in real-time

Benefits for Administrators
  • Reduces the time involved in scheduling conferences
  • Eliminates the need for pen and paper scheduling
  • Provides administrators with several different reports to help manage the event
  • Increases parent participation
Benefits for Parents
  • Allows parents to select from all currently available times to find the most convenient time slot(s)
  • Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Provides ability for parents to log back in and make changes to schedule
  • Provides parents with a printable schedule
  • Allows parents to request an email reminder prior to the conference event
Benefits for Teachers
  • Allows teachers to have a different schedule, including different appointment lengths
  • Provides ability for teachers to monitor registration and contact parents who have not signed up
  • Increases parent participation

Sign up now - you will not be invoiced until after your first event and if for any reason you are not satisfied and do not want to use the system again, there is no obligation to pay.